Gathering people, sharing experiences and feeling inspired.

The story of the lab starts from where we are based now, a beautiful house in the Romeirão valley, designed by Portuguese architectural studio ARX. We always feel inspired to work here, so we started to explore the neighbouring land to build our own studio for our growing team. We look forward to welcoming our clients and friends.

This was the beginning of the NOCNOC Lab story.

IMG 4567

Combining Deli's food

Meanwhile, we discovered our talented friend Deli is so passionate about food, and consistently surprising us with amazing casual lunches and dinners. We thought we had to share these great culinary experiences with more people. Why not create a space on that land, for Deli to share her delicious, humble yummy food with more people. So we will have a small restaurant!

DELI web 03

Hosting with pleasure

While hosting friends during Summer and Winter holidays in the Romeirão house, everyone told us they enjoyed the house and the simple gatherings so much, they don't feel the need to leave for the whole holiday. So, we thought we have to extend this experience to this new land.
Therefore, we will have onsite accommodation.

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Living experiences

So in the end, the concept came naturally, gathering people, sharing experiences and feeling inspired. This stays in the background while we eat, sleep, work and talk. But, in the end, it is the inspiration for creativity. We are very excited, but we don’t know what the final result will be, as the whole project including the architectural design is part of the NOCNOC Lab experiment.

That's why we call it "Lab", because we are willing to leave space for it to shape itself throughout time, with different people's inputs, collaborations and experiences.

It will be open for bookings around the middle of 2022 :)

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