Our own developments are focused on single family houses, designed, developed and delivered complete. So our clients can enjoy all aspects and features of their new home stress-free.

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Location criteria

Being both architects and developers, choosing the correct site is critical, not only for the location and access, but also in respect of solar-exposition, views of the surroundings, shelter from the wind and topography of the land. All these features will help define the home that we ultimately design and build.

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Design innovation

Every project we create has its own character, the experience of space is at the heart of each project. Through design, we enhance and value not only the technological features, but the space itself, providing quality environments and living experiences.

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Project sustainability

Our aim is to create something that fits with the natural environment, makes the best use of topography and light and maximises the efficiency of the space. In order to consider the sustainability and aesthetic value of the project, we use local natural materials, which also make the houses age beautifully.

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Construction management

Our approach for achieving the best possible outcome:

  • Focus on a small number of projects at a time;
  • Think globally, act locally. We benefit from our extensive international experience for inspiration, while implementing our design with local materials;
  • Optimization of the project methodology in order to review and update every aspect in the right stage of the developing process;
  • Building our own developments to ensure the quality standards.
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Ongoing Developments

Mogos Houses

The Mogo Houses are a set of two neighbouring, ‘sister’ houses in the picturesque coastal village of Santo Isidoro, just outside of Ericeira, in the outskirts of Lisbon. Currently in the building stage, the houses will be ready for occupation in the end of 2022.


XB House

The house just naturally "landed" in the garden created by the nature. Entering with a high celling gives a special experience of the space, the ground floor functional areas are connected with an infinite loop of circulation, which is emphasizing the family atmosphere even when each one is doing their own things.


J House

The south facing social areas enjoy the best day light and the best view of the valley, the east facing bedrooms are filled with morning sunlight. The 45 degrees rotated social area together with the private area, creates a hug, an inward and peaceful experience of the space.



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Joao Trigo

"Our aim is to create a house that we would love to live in ourselves."

João Trigo

Senior principal | co-founder

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No, for all NOCNOC developments, we offer a complete house, ready to move in. This ensures that the final result delivers the original NOCNOC concept.

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No, but we work closely with a landscape architecture studio. And we can incorporate the landscape design project in the architecture project to obtain coherence to the overall design.

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No, but we are happy to provide advice and assistance with purchase.

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Yes, we are interested in such projects. Our architecture design service includes concept design, design development, architecture project licensing, construction drawings and construction follow-up.

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NOCNOC developments are projects where NOCNOC studio is fully in charge of all phases, including searching and purchasing the land, designing the house and executing the construction. They are for clients looking for ready-made new houses designed and built by NOCNOC.

Design services projects are about providing customized architectural design to clients who have already purchased, or are considering purchasing, their own plot or house. They may be renovations or new developments. We welcome collaboration with the client during the process to ensure that the outcome meets the client’s needs.

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