NOCNOC is a multi-cultural architecture & interior design studio, based in Beijing and Ericeira. Our mission is to use our world background design solutions, with our deep social and cultural understanding of the community we design for, to reach the sustainable and innovative result. This goal has brought our experienced national and international architects here together.
China and Portugal have a very different cultural and economic background, creating the need for a different method of action, answering to different local challenges.
In Portugal our focus is residential projects, and we are specially interested in developing our work around the subject concerning the “House”, or private dwellings; while in China our work is reflected in commercial projects, such as interior renovations and product design.

The founder João Trigo is a Portuguese architect graduated from FAUTL Lisbon, with 15 years’ experience, used to work in architecture firms in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Beijing. NOCNOC STUDIO was founded in 2017.

João Trigo
Architect co-founder
Yingying Tang
General Manager co-founder
Tiago Franco

Senior Architect